Greetings from Palaichori, Cyprus! – This guide is for travellers to the Troodos region of Cyprus and the village of Palaichori.

Palaichori in the summer

Panoramic Photo of the Village of Palaichori, Cyprus

Palaichori - Old Village House - Cobble Stone Path

The Village of Palaichori

Greek: Παλαιχώρι – Situated in the mountainous Pitsilia region of Troodos, Palaichori (Sometimes spelt Palechori, Palekhori) is a large village with old and new generations. Palaichori has a rich history, unique character, growing infrastructure and is popular with local and international travellers.

Just 40km from Nicosia you will find yourself in the picturesque mountainous area of Pitsilia in the serene village of Palaichori. As you drive in you will feel a sense of refreshment from the cool and calm weather as you breath in the fresh and crisp ‘drosia’ Palaichori air.

Palaichori’s Long & Rich History

You will feel the deep and rich culture and history, that some say goes back 700 years. You can see this in the old yet graceful churches and many houses and the older traditional generations that were born around 1915.

The Church of Saint Georgios

Agrotourism Holiday Destination in Troodos

On the other side, Palaichori embraces a very modern element with modern living and modern infrastructure & amenities.

The people of Palaichori (young and old) are very hospitable and are always there to help, if you need anything. The people still maintain the strong cultural and moral values that made this beautiful haven of Palaichori what it is today.

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